Tree Top Studio by Max Pritchard Architect
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South Australian Council & committees

Chapter Council

The SA Chapter Council comprises Chapter President, Immediate Past President, up to 10 Chapter Councillors (plus an additional EmAGN representative if one is not already on Council) and a student representative (South Australia has two student representatives – one from each of the SA schools of architecture – who share one vote).

To be a Chapter Councillor you must be a Corporate or Graduate Member, nominated by Corporate or Graduate Members, and elected by Corporate and Graduate Members, or appointed by Chapter Council as allowed by the RAIA Articles of Association.

Chapter Councillors serve a two-year term. The cycle of Council elections means that each year half the Councillors are required to retire or stand for re-election if nominated.

Chapter President
Tony Giannone
Chapter Council members
Mario Dreosti, Brown Falconer
Immediate Past President
Geoffrey Baddams (SONA rep, Adelaide Uni)
Simon Best, Swanbury Penglase 
Kirstie Coultas, Studio Nine
Anthony Coupe, Mulloway Studio 
 Erin Crowden, Williams Burton Leopardi, EmAGN
Josephine Evans , JPE Design Studio
 James Guy (SONA rep UniSA)
Adam Hannon, Cox Architecture 
 Michael Hegarty , GHD Woodhead
Ken Milne, Milne Architects
 Chris Morley Echelon Studio EmAGN rep
 Sarah Paddick, Totalspace Design
Adrian Reveruzzi, Woods Bagot 
 Teo Verbi, JPE Design Studio

Click to view a list of Past Presidents of the SA Chapter.

Submissions to Chapter Council

All local members are encouraged to put forward any matters to be discussed by the Chapter Council.

Submissions can be emailed to  

Committees & Taskforces

The work of the Chapter is also delegated to various committees and work groups that are often chaired by Chapter Councillors. The SA Chapter always welcomes members to participate in the various groups and ensures members are matched to their areas of passion, for more information about these, contact 

The current committees and work groups of the South Australian Chapter are:

Education Committee

The Education Committee is a sub-committee of the Institute National Education Committee. It exists to promote the profession of architecture through education. It does so through the provision of advice the policies and programs of the Institute National Education Committee. It maintains contact between key stakeholders, organizes the Mentor Scheme; supports specific educational and or research programs and supports and facilitates student initiatives.

Honours Committee

The Honours Committee is responsible for considering and submitting nominations for the Gold Medal and Life Fellows to National Council. It also support nominations for Civil Honours and judges the Enduring Architecture Award in the annual SA Architecture Awards program.

Committee Members: , Mario Dreosti (Chair), John Schenk LFRAIA, Lolita Mohyla LFRAIA, Elaine Davies LFRAIA, Lu Balsamo LFRAIA 

Awards Directors

The Awards Director oversees and coordinates the jury deliberations and is the Jury Chair of the Sustainable Architecture category. The Director may not enter projects into the Awards program for the year they are in the position. They also guide and be assisted by the appointed Deputy Awards Director, who will take on the role of Director the following year. The Deputy may also be a member of any juries.

Co-Opertition Network

Co-Opertition assists the needs of local emerging practices, sole operators or established small firms, by linking members into a community of like-minded people.

The program provides social networking and targeted professional development opportunities to help members successfully strengthen their practices.


SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) is the national student-membership body of the Institute, and an student representative is nominated from each School of Architecture. SONA aims to advance the interests of architecture students, architectural education and architecture through the promotion of student work and thinking. SONA members are the new wave of Australian design talent and are involved across a broad range of Institute events and activities.


EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network) – pronounced 'imagine' – is a network which supports graduates and emerging architects in their transition from student to experienced architect. There are EmAGN groups active in all states and territories that run events and professional programs for our graduate members.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee works on submissions to policy development by the State Planning Commission.

Education (Advocacy) Taskgroup

The Taskgroup is advocating the value of design, what architects do and how they can create spaces for people and communities through the education system, by organising architects to present in local primary and secondary schools. A template presentation has been prepared as a guide for members to develop their own presentations.

Practice Committee

The SA Practice Committee provides a platform for reviewing and responding to SA practice issues, provides SA content and perspective to the National Committee and support the SA representative to the Acumen Content Review Panel.

Designers for Diversity Committee

SA Designers for Diversity exists to ensure that architecture and affiliated designers of built environments can work in a profession that is equally and meaningfully navigable for all practitioners, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual preference, family structure, whether able-bodied, living with a medical condition or disability. We also value and recognise these qualities in the built environment.

Life Fellows

Life Fellowship is the highest honour class of Institute membership available to members practising architecture.

Nominated by the Chapter Council or Honours Committee and endorsed by the National Council, Life Fellowship is honoured to an architect who is a Fellow of the Institute and has rendered notable contribution to the advancement of the profession in design, construction, literature, education, public service or in any other way deemed worthy.

South Australian Life Fellows are:

  • 2017 Brian Snowden
  • 2017 John Held
  • 2017 Dennis Harrison
  • 2017 Nick Tridente
  • 2017 Carolyn Wigg
  • 2016 Lolita Mohyla
  • 2016 Kenneth Milne
  • 2015 John Maitland
  • 2015 John Walter
  • 2012 Elaine Davies
  • 2012 Andrew Davies
  • 2010 Dr Michael Llewellyn-Smith AM
  • 2009 Francesco Bonato
  • 2007 David Gilbert
  • 2006 Mary Marsland
  • 2006 Max Pritchard
  • 2005 Peter Dungey
  • 2004 David Parken
  • 2002 Geof Nairn
  • 2002 Ron Danvers
  • 2001 John Schenk
  • 2001 David Hassell
  • 2001 Professor Judith Brine HonAM
  • 2001 Adrian Evans
  • 2001 Albert Gillissen (deceased)
  • 1999 Norman Drogemuller OAM (deceased)
  • 1998 Lu Balsamo
  • 1996 Newell Platten
  • 1994 Prof Rob Cheesman AM FRSSA MPIA
  • 1993 Marjorie Simpson (deceased)
  • 1992 Brian Polomka OAM (deceased)
  • 1990 John Chappel AM (deceased)
  • 1990  Prof John Cooper
  • 1990 Guy Maron AM
  • 1987 Colin Schumacher
  • 1987 Geoffrey Harrison (deceased)
  • 1982 George L Parker (deceased)
  • 1982 John Morphett AM OBE (deceased)
  • 1981 Robert Dickson (deceased)
  • 1981 Keith Neighbour AM (deceased)
  • 1981 Robert Hall
  • 1976 Sir Eric von Schramek (deceased)
  • 1976 Earle Scott OAM (deceased)
  • 1972 Colin Hassell AO (deceased)
  • 1970 Jack Hobbs McConnell AM (deceased)
  • 1970 Gavin Walkley CBE (deceased)