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    The Sustainable Architecture & Colorbond categories are not entered directly.

    Additional information is instead added to an entry under one of the primary National categories.

    Nominations for the Queensland Enduring Architecture category are not entered directly through the online entry system, instead have a separate form (click here). 

    Note: Any projects not successful each year will form a pool of entries for future consideration. 

    Sustainable Architecture

    2018 Harry Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture

    Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve
    Guymer Bailey Architects in collaboration with Norman Richards Building Design + Interiors

    Image: Scott Burrows

    Australian architects have in many cases been international leaders in designing responsive, responsible, and delightful works of architecture that do ‘more with less’.

    The Sustainable Architecture Category is intended to support, encourage and celebrate this significant contribution. Where many projects engage on a technical level in respect of the performance aspects of the building, measured through rating tools, the aim of the Sustainable Architecture category is to recognise the value of creative and intelligent thinking in achieving enduring and meaningful value through a holistic design response.

    The category also aims to recognise integrated design thinking not only for individual works of architecture, but also in the broader ecological context. The entry requirements for this category are deliberately open-ended to allow the jury to recognise exemplary contributions to sustainable architecture.

    The jury considers entries in terms of the value that the project has generated in each of the environmental, social and economic domains, on the basis of descriptions submitted. While no detailed performance data is required to be submitted; the jury may call for additional information from entrants. The jury may also call on specialist advisers in the judging of this category.


     The Queensland Sustainability Committee have redeveloped a checklist to assist both entrants and jurors with criteria for this category. Click Here

    For the history of previous Harry Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture (the highest honour for this category in QLD), Click Here

    2018 Colorbond © Award for Steel Architecture

    Gold Coast Sports Precinct

    Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

    This category recognises buildings in which steel products play a significant role in the architectural solution and which exemplify innovation in the use of steel products.

    Use of BlueScope products, including COLORBOND®, is a criterion for selection or award. Jury consideration of entries in this category will include consultation with a nominated BlueScope representative at Chapter and National levels. This Award is not given at a Regional level. Engineering, infrastructure and other non-building projects are not eligible for this category.

    Note: It is now compulsory for entrants to submit evidence that BlueScope products have been used as part of the submission process.


    For the history of previous Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture (the highest honour for this category in QLD), Click Here

    Enduring Architecture

    2018 Robin Gibson Award for Enduring Architecture

    Townsville Courts of Law - Edmund Sheppard Building
    Hall, Phillips & Wilson Archtiects Pty Ltd

    Image: Richard Stringer

    Structures of at least 25 years of age may be considered for this Award.

    Structures nominated need not be previous award winners but must be structures of outstanding merit that, considered in a contemporary context, remain important as high quality works of architecture. Projects should be assessed in terms of national significance, technical advancement, innovation for their time, symbolic significance and/or creative leadership.

    The project attribution and award citation must acknowledge the original architect(s), either individual or firm. It may also acknowledge subsequent work done by another architect in the conservation or maintenance of the original work.

    However, this award category is designed to recognise the enduring features of the original work, not any substantial adaptive re-use, which should be considered under Category 7: HERITAGE.

    Members are not able to enter this category directly. Projects will be submitted by the Chapter Committee and/or relevant Jury via the online entry process for consideration. Entry material will be prepared by the submitting party.

    The original architect or any third party (including non-members and nonarchitects) may recommend to the relevant jury projects for consideration in this category. 

    A nomination in this category does not need the express consent of the current owner of the project or structure to be eligible for entry, but the nominating Committee or Jury is encouraged to do so prior to nominating a project. 


    This Award was previously known as the 25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture. This is the highest honour for this category in QLD.

    Enduring Architecture Awards History 

    2019 Queensland Enduring Architecture Nomination Form

    Note: Any projects not successful each year will form a pool of entries for future consideration.