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Colleges of Science Stage 1, Lyons
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Australian Capital Territory – Chapter Council & Committees

This page has information on the ACT's Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows.
For information on council or committee business, please contact the ACT Chapter office.

Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the Institute's business and affairs in the ACT Chapter. The Chapter President is the National Councillor elected by the ACT Chapter members.

Chapter President
Philip Leeson FRAIA
Chapter Council members
Shoba Cole RAIA
Yuri Leong-Maish RAIA
Sander de Vries RAIA
Shannon Battisson RAIA
Jack Shimada RAIA
John Ting RAIA
Jane Cassidy RAIA
Andrew Collins RAIA
Scott Hodgson RAIA
Kamal Kopparapu RAIA
SONA representative
Chris Smith
EmAGN representatives
Owen Abbott RAIA
Kaleyan Chan

Committees & forums

In addition to the Chapter Council, there are the following associated committees and forums. For more information about these, our contact details can be found on the right hand side.

Practice Committee

This committee considers matters relating to the practice of architecture in the ACT. The practice committee also actively interacts with the local government and the community in order to recognise and deliver quality architecture and a sustainable built environment.  The committee contributes to ongoing training for the ACT membership (including PALS).

Terms of Reference - Practice Committee 2016

Sustainability Committee

Considerations and details of issues and policies related to the natural and built environment are the concern of the Sustainability Committee.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is concerned with the matters related to architectural education and the recognition of schools of architecture.

Heritage Committee

This committee is responsible for the register of Significant 20th Century Architecture and issues relating to heritage and conservation of buildings. The committee writes citations for buildings and nominate buildings to the ACT Heritage List.

Terms of Reference - Heritage Committee

Small Practice Group

The Small Practice Group is a group of members who work in small practices, a number of whom are in sole practice and/or work at home. The members of the Small Practice Group organise their own agenda, which includes guest speakers and discussions with government officials on policy matters.

Terms of Reference - Small Practice Group


Planning Committee

This committee is involved with issues relating to planning policy in the ACT. The committee draws on expertise from various ACT Chapter members responding to calls for comment.

Terms of Reference - Planning Committee

Honours Committee

The aim of this committee is to promote architecture to the community and recognise the work of our members. The committee assesses nominations for Institute and Civil Honours, and prepares documentation for submission to the National Honours Committee in support of nominations.

EmAGN Committee

This is a network for emerging architects and graduates of architecture in the ACT. To get involved, our contact details can be found on the right hand side.

Online nomination & voting

At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

  • Chapter Council
  • Chapter President
  • Nationally Elected Council Members
  • International Area Committee Members

Only eligible members may participate.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Online Nomination and Voting Service complies with the Institute's regulations for elections.

For support and assistance using this system please contact the Executive Support Team on or (02) 6121 2000.

Go to the online voting system.