2018 National Architecture Conference, edge. Photographer: Ray Cash

2018 National Architecture Conference, edge. Photographer: Ray Cash

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2019 Gold Medal Tour – Julie Eizenberg and Hank Koning

Julie Eizenberg RAIA and Hank Koning FRAIA of Koning Eizenberg were announced as the 2019 Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medallists at the National Architecture Conference held in Melbourne.

Julie and Hank have continuously sought to change the nature of the world they are pitching in. They do this by actively challenging the planning process through their engagement with authorities and the community. In this way, the legacy of their projects lies not just in the bricks and mortar of the buildings themselves, but also in the hearts and minds of all those involved in making sure the lessons learnt extend beyond the property boundaries.

Congratulations Julie and Hank!

2019 Gold Medal Tour Dates:
Perth – October 14
Darwin – October 15
Brisbane – October 16
Sydney – October 21
Adelaide – October 22
Canberra – October 23
Hobart – October 24
Melbourne, AS Hook Address – October 28



Emerging Architect Prize Tour - Monique Woodward

Monique Woodward was awarded the 2018 National Emerging Architect Prize (EAP) and will tour Nationally in August 2019.  The EAP prize, with prize partner AWS, celebrates an emerging architect who is making an exemplary contribution to architecture and the profession.

Monique’s topic for her tour will be ‘More front that Myer’.

Monique is a passionate architect and is recognised for her entrepreneurial spirit and exploration of alternative modes of project procurement and advocacy.  

Elected as an Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Councillor in 2016, Monique has served on the Heritage Committee and is the co-chair for the Small Practice Forum and EmAGN.

In collaboration with Scott Woodward, Monique established WOWOWA in 2011. WOWOWA is recognised for their commitment to finding a uniquely Australian approach to architecture. Since 2011, Monique has combined tutoring design at RMIT and Monash University with speculative projects that offer alternative solutions to local sites.

Emerging Architect Prize Tour Dates:
Perth - 19 August
Adelaide - 20 August
Sydney - 21 August
Darwin - 22 August
Canberra - 27 August
Brisbane - 28 August
Hobart - 2 September
Melbourne - 5 September


Architects, thought-leaders and projects that challenge the status quo

Are you an attendee or an activist?

Collective Agency is the theme of the 2019 National Architecture Conference, reminding us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and with unity comes an ability to affect an outcome. This year’s event will encourage reflection on today’s challenges, the articulation of more meaningful protocols, and most importantly, the willingness to act. Discussing what WAS (our shared understanding), what IS (our shared reality), and what COULD BE (our shared advocacy), Collective Agency is a dual state of doing and being.

Passionate about the way political power is achieved and used, and the opposing feats of advocacy that aim to influence this power, the conference will celebrate projects from small, medium, and large practices inside and outside of architecture, demonstrating the power of empathy, enabling contribution, and in doing so, re-examining professional aspirations.

Every speaker will be tasked with giving away something precious and empowering. Every attendee will be tasked with making a pledge to act on this new power. The event will be a demonstration of collective agency.

We ask the question: Can a conference change the very practice of Australian architecture itself?

       Monique Woodward (WOWOWA) and Stephen Choi (Living Future Institute of Australia)
       2019 Creative Curators

Visit the 2019 National Architecture Conference website for details on the speaker line-up, program and ticket sales. Early bird registration is now open until Friday 10 May. 

2018 National Architecture Awards

Thursday 1 November I Melbourne
MAIÀ, Central Pier, Docklands

The National Architecture Awards have been held annually since 1981. These awards are the most prestigious in the design and construction industry. The National Architecture Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements and excellence in architecture.

Commendations, awards and named awards were announced across 14 categories in front of a sell out crowd. Winners of the 2018 National Architecture Awards can be found here.

Venice Architecture Biennale 

26 May - 25 Nov 2018

The Venice Biennale is the premier architectural forum in the world. Australia’s representation in Venice presents an opportunity to showcase the highest levels of thought, research and design in Australian architectural culture. An initiative of the Institute, Australia has had a continued national presence since 2006 at what is widely considered the most important event of the international architectural calendar.

The Australian Exhibition for 2018, repair by Baracco+Wright Architects, in collaboration with artist Linda Tegg, was the seventh exhibition coordinated by the Australian Institute of Architects at the Biennale Architettura. repair presented thousands of temperate grassland species, cultivated and nurtured within the Australian Pavilion alongside large-scale architectural projections, representing a physical dialogue between architecture and endangered plant community to remind us what is at stake when we occupy land.

For more details on our 2018 exhibition click here

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All cancellations and refunds will incur an administration fee. No refunds will be issued within 14 days of the event. ‘No shows’ to the event will be charged the full registration fee.