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International Chapter Council


The International Chapter comprises the international membership of the Institute –  with some members of the Institute residing outside of Australia. This international membership collectively provides Australian and international architects with the opportunity to become involved with the Institute and in doing so maintain their connection with the Australian architecture profession. The Chapter Council supports the Institute in acknowledging its global presence and responsibility and performs both an advisory and representative role in connection with the Institute’s International Engagement Strategy. The Chapter Council consists of ten members elected from the Institute’s international membership and is currently Chaired by Paul Logsdon FRAIA who resides in the UAE.

In its advisory capacity, it is the role of the International Chapter to act as an information conduit between international members and the Institute’s strategic processes.

In its representative dimension, the International Chapter assists in the delivery of valued services and events to international members, growing opportunities for engaging the collaboratively in local settings to promote Australian architecture.

Elections are held annually in concurrence with other Chapters of the Institute, with half of the ten positions becoming available. Terms on the Chapter Council are for two years.

The Chapter (formerly the International Area Committee) has been meeting consistently since 2006, and has so far included 24 representatives from 10 countries. It generally meets on a bimonthly basis, inclusive of one annual face to face meeting.


Constitutional recognition

Over 2015-2017, the International Area Commmittee (IAC) worked on a strategic plan and Charter that was endorsed and presented to the former National President of the Institute, Richard Kirk in July 2017. The plan was supported by an effective operational plan and the delivery of a growing awards program and schedule of activities. This has included a range of successful boarding pass events in Singapore and London alongside an International Awards program, recipients of which have been acknowledged by domestically and around the world.

In early November 2017, the Chapter presented a signed petition calling for formal status as a Chapter under provisions of the Institute’s Constitution, citing the ascension to full Chapter status as a unique opportunity to more effectively engage with, represent and provide valued services to the Institute international membership. This petition was accepted.

On 6 March 2018, the National Council conducted a poll of all members in the International Area asking them whether they are in favour of formally recognising the International Area as a Chapter of the Institute. The votes received were overwhelmingly in favour of the proposal. In late March 2018 and in accordance with the Institute’s Constitutional requirements National Council issued a declaration that all members in the International Area constitute the Institute’s newest Chapter and that the current International Area Committee members will constitute the International Chapter Council.

At the 2018 May Annual General Meeting, critical amendments to the Constitution to clear away any inconsistencies between the existing governance wording and the members’ intention to fully recognise the International Area as a Chapter were passed. The International Chapter will operate as a fully-fledged Chapter on and from 1 January 2019. This aligns with other governance requirements and allows time for the 2018 Annual General Election round to elect the 2019-2020 International Chapter Councillors.


International Chapter Committee Members 2019


Samantha Cotterell
Samantha Cotterell RAIA
Janine Campbell
Janine Campbell RAIA
Annelise Tiller
Annelise Tiller RAIA
Natalie Ward
Natalie Ward RAIA
Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien RAIA
Vui Choong
Vui Choong RAIA 
Hong Kong
Hank Koning
Hank Koning FRAIA
Grant Marani
Grant Marani FRAIA
David Teh
David Teh FRAIA
Bob Nation
Bob Nation LFRAIA
Wei Jien
Wei Jien RAIA

International Chapter Council, Office Bearers, 2010-2019

2019 I Chair Samantha Cotterell 
2018 | Chair Paul Logsdon FRAIA / Deputy Chair Janine Campbell
2017 | Chair Paul Logsdon FRAIA / Deputy Chair Janine Campbell
2016 | Chair Dik Jarman / Deputy Chair Janine Campbell / Deputy Chair David Teh
2015 | Chair Dik Jarman / Deputy Chair Justin Hill
2014 | Chair Justin Hill / Deputy Chair Hank Koning
2013 | Chair Hank Koning
2012 | Chair Jason Marriott
2011 | Chair Fiona Nixon / Deputy Chair Bob Nation
2010 | Chair Fiona Nixon / Deputy Chair Bob Nation