Kingston High School - Hassell in collaboration with Jawsarchitects

Kingston High School,
Hassell in collaboration with Jawsarchitects, Photo: Peter Bennetts

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Welcome to the Tasmanian Chapter

Welcome to the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. This is the entry point for the many exciting opportunities and events that the Institute offers its Tasmanian and national members.

On this page you will find information on Tasmanian CPD events. In the Quick links box to the right you will find links to other Tasmanian events, as well as awards, services, resources and publications.

What’s happening in the Tasmanian Chapter

Tasmanian CPD events

Continuing professional development (CPD) events are a core component of the Tasmanian Chapter's continuing professional development program. The series aims to present topics that are inspiring and tangible, providing knowledge that attendees can put into practice.

CPD events in 2017-18 are supported by the Tasmanian Government and the Board of Architects of Tasmania. All Tasmanian-hosted CPD events are presented at the flat rate of $15 for everyone.

Panovscott Architects: From little things - Presented by founding directors Anita Panov and Andrew Scott.

Join us as Anita Panov and Andrew Scott discuss their practice and how they make sense of our place in the world. And with that knowledge seek to work directly at the task of transforming the world They encounter. 

From little things; they started small through exigence but soon saw the virtue. Their projects, research and teaching tend towards this consideration; a point of reference which remains smart, human, just enough.

Launceston: Book Now 
Thurs 1 Aug at 1pm
UTAS - School of Architecture and Design
8 Invermay Road, Launceston

Hobart: Book Now 
Friday 2 Aug at 1pm
Tas Chapter
1/19A Hunter St, Hobart

Available on livestream and on demand Book Now 

This seminar is worth 1 informal CPD point on attendance of CPD seminar

Launceston Practice Forum - facilitated by Tas Chapter President Shamus Mulcahy

Members of the Tasmanian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects are invited to discuss the issues affecting them in the practice of architecture in Tasmania. Please note that this is a free event for Institute members only. 

Venue: Brickworks Design Centre, 81 Brisbane St, Launceston, Tas, 7250

Wed 24 July - 1pm - 2.30pm Book Now

Getting the Right Protections: Changes in the Insurance Market
Presented by Wendy Poulton Manager Risk Services and Cos Cirocco National Business Manager -  Planned Cover

In 2019, as non-conforming building products raise a real risk of claims exceeding $10 million, it’s never been more important to satisfy yourself that you have robust protection against a worst-case scenario. Wendy Poulton (Manager – Risk Services) supported by Cos Cirocco (State Manager, Tas and SA) will revise the key provisions to look for in your insurance program, provide an update of how the insurance market has been affected by cladding claims and other high impact events over the last 2-3 years, and discuss the impact of the Lacrosse Tower judgment in February.

Wendy Poulton - Manager Risk Services informed by Planned Cover
Wendy has been a Risk Manager since 2005, providing plain English advice on consultancy agreements, training consultants in risk management, and creating guidance materials on emerging challenges in the construction industry. She has lectured on insurance and risk management at RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Previously, Wendy was a solicitor in the Commercial and Insurance Litigation section of Hunt and Hunt. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1997, and completed a Masters in Construction Law in 2011.

Cos Cirocco - National Business Manager - State Manager TAS, SA
Cos is an Economics graduate and a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker (QPIB). He is also a Member of the Australian Insurance Law Association and has over 30 years of insurance experience. He is currently the National Business Manager of Planned Cover and Manager of the company’s SA/TAS client base and has been specialising in the provision of Professional Indemnity/Liability Insurance and Risk/Claims Management advice to Construction professionals for over 25 years.


This seminar is worth 1 formal CPD point on completion of the seminar activities. 

Wednesday 24 July at 1pm
Australian Institute of Architects Tasmanian Chapter
1/19a Hunter Street, Hobart

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Social Media for Architects
Presented by Grace Dorman

This practical intensive social media workshop will cover everything an architect will need to create an authentic and effective presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ll work through how to align your business goals with each type of content, optimising posts for maximum reach and run through all the tools to streamline the process and manage your time. The workshop will be practical and hands-on as we run through your workbook in conjunction with our devices to research our audience and provide actionable content-driven steps toward a simple and smart social media strategy. 

Grace grew The Social School from the cliché of the kitchen table to a studio space in Collingwood, with many ongoing client relationships in the hospitality, homewares and creative industries. Now, her focus is growing and delivering social media training Australia-wide to help small businesses succeed.

Grace’s background includes work for clients like BONDS, Sheridan, Tetley, Freedom Foods, Jacob’s Creek, Nivea, and Sunbeam. She’s worked in strategy and editorial roles at AnalogFolk Sydney, The Works, Fonda Mexican, and littleBIG Marketing & P.R. Most recently, she worked for Andrew McConnell’s group of restaurants, strategising for and managing all 10 social media accounts.

Grace values high quality content designed to engage audiences and build powerful customer relationships. 

This seminar is worth 2 CPD points on completion of seminar activities. 

Wednesday 26 June at 1pm
Australian Institute of Architects Tasmanian Chapter
1/19a Hunter Street, Hobart

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Thursday 27 June at 1pm
UTAS School of architecture and Design
8 Invermay Rd, Launceston

Launceston event: Book Now


Image: Amanda Gormley

Environmental Aspects of Lighting
Presented by Landon Bannister and Ingrid Baldwin

Book Now  Artificial lighting is often referred to as one of humankind's greatest triumphs over the natural world and the impact that we have had on the darker hours and its many and varied inhabitants has been profound and far-reaching. We need to be selective about how we design lighting if we are going to respect nature, our future and enrich our experience of the world. It is our obligation to light responsibly by improving how we design our nightscapes rather than eliminating opportunities. This talk will discuss the role that lighting can play in creating human engagement with the built environment and how we can mitigate our environmental impact through intelligent design.

This seminar is worth 1.5 CPD points on completion of seminar activities.

Wednesday 19 June at 1pm
Australian Institute of Architects Tasmanian Chapter
1/19a Hunter Street, Hobart

Hobart event: Book Now 
Livestream and on-demand: Book Now

 Thursday 20 June at 1pm
UTAS School of architecture and Design
8 Invermay Rd, Launceston

Launceston event: Book Now

Email Ninja Workshop
Presented by Daniel Sih, co-founder of Spacemakers
Email has become the dominant form of communication in most workplaces. Increasingly people report that their inboxes are out of control. If this is you, a clear plan is essential to manage this endless stream of information in a timely, efficient and stress-free way.

This practical course will transform the way you work by helping you to understand, organise and process your inbox. Our road tested email practices can be applied as soon as you return to the workplace to help you process your inbox to zero everyday!

Places are limited and tickets are $50 per person.
This seminar is worth 2.5 formal CPD point on completion of the seminar activities. 

Hobart: Thursday 6 June: 9.30am - 12noon 

Back to Earth: Rammed Earth Construction - Theory and Practice

Presented by architects Dr Detlev Geard and David Travalia and rammed earth builder from Unique Earth Andy Powell.

Throughout history, rammed earth constructions have been a much loved building material for designers and builders due to its unique thermal and aesthetic benefits. No other construction techniques offers the same humble majestic construction. In an area of rising concerns for our environmental future, rammed earth constructions can offer low embodied energy, high thermal mass and well insulated external wall systems.

This presentation will demonstrate how this age-old construction technique is still playing an important role in to-day's contemporary architecture. Local examples and construction details of rammed earth buildings and a modern approach to rammed earth buildings will be part of this presentation. The practical application of 'how to construct rammed earth buildings' will be covered by the experienced builder Andy Powell, who will also presenting some of his buildings he has worked on. 

This seminar is worth 1.5 formal CPD points on completion of the seminar activities.

Livestream and on-demand: Wed 22 May BOOK NOW

Public Plaza, Gateway Structure, Cafe, Amenities 2012 - 2018. 
Photography: Simon Wood, Edge Commercial Photography, Matt Abbott, Brett Boardman

Positioning Architecture

Presented by John Choi from CHROFI

Given the constant evolving nature of a place, expanding the frame of reference deeper in time, and broader in context can provide useful perspectives beyond what is ‘present’ today. The talk will outline the inter-dependence of all things and look at the dynamics of change across time and space. It will draw from holistic perspectives emerging across disciplines to better understand systems of linked ecological, economic, and institutional processes. The talk will use the lens of time to position architecture as temporal relational structures, physical and nonphysical and design as an act of shaping these relational flows of matter, energy and ideas to a more productive state.

CHROFI was founded in 2000 as Choi Ropiha following the win in the international competition for the re-design of the TKTS booth in Times Square, New York.

Their design approach is exemplified by the practice's founding project, TKTS Times Square in New York. It is widely acclaimed for the way in which the design provided public and private benefits, while simultaneously strengthening the essential character of Times Square. It has been this ability to find solutions that work at multiple levels that now characterizes the way in which the practice of CHROFI approaches all of their projects.

They work across all scales of projects from houses to cities. Their approach is highly bespoke and expands from the specific requirements of each project and the clients' desires. They are committed to the fertile ground that exists between people, architecture, and the world. Design is not just focused on the physical project in of itself but framed as an operative agency that drives urban, social, cultural, environmental, economic and political outcomes.

Whilst this ‘big picture’ approach gives clarity to the practice's strategic thinking, the practice also endeavors to match this logic with a parallel pursuit for evocative architecture of unexpected delight.

Livestream and on-demand: Friday 3 May BOOK NOW

heritage / hybridity / culture - presented by John Wardle

John Wardle will discuss the adaptive reuse and heritage projects of their practice, from the renovation and restoration of Captain Kelly’s Cottage on Bruny Island to larger urban projects including 271 Spring Street in Melbourne.

John Wardle Architects is internationally renowned for making extraordinary buildings and places that matter. A team of 90 design professionals work across Australia and internationally from our two studios in Melbourne and Sydney.
Their practice is a large collaborative environment where every project has a range of creative, technical and strategic contributions from a diverse team of architects and interior designers within JWA. They retain the creative energy of a small studio, pinning work up, and exploring new territory. The conversations they have with their clients are often the seedbed for new ideas and directions. They are inclusive, always curious to understand another’s point of view.
Many projects by JWA have been highly awarded. In 2018, this included National AIA Awards for Educational Architecture and Interior Architecture, the RIBA Award for International Excellence and the Dezeen Award for Best House Interior. JWA has twice been recognised with the prestigious Sir Zelman Cowen Award for best public building in Australia in 2002 and 2006. They have twice received Robin Boyd Awards for best residential project in Australia. The practice has also won two Victorian Architecture Medals.

1 informal CPD point on attendance of seminar

This seminar has been made possible thanks to the Dick and Joan Green family award - architecture heritage talk and the University of Tasmania.

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Tasmanian planning reforms update.

Director of the Government’s Planning Policy Unit, Brian Risby will provide an update on the significant planning reforms underway and planned for Tasmania. These will cover the introduction of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, progressing the Tasmanian Planning Policies and future regional planning arrangements.

1 formal CPD point on completion of seminar activity

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Kukje Gallery—K3, Seoul, South Korea, 2012
Image credit: Iwan Baan

SO - IL Office NY

SO - IL is an internationally recognized architectural design firm based in New York, founded by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu in 2008. Our diverse team is engaged in the production of buildings, interiors, furniture, and landscapes around the world. Through active dialogue that considers context, function, and opportunity, we act as a creative catalyst, orchestrating matter and space to explore new ways of interaction with our surroundings. We design to engage our evolving world. Our process melds digital technology with traditional craft, moving off the screen into physical space. The result is participatory: we create open platforms of exchange that welcome transformation and reinterpretation, working with clients and collaborators to realize the unique vision of each project. We believe that architecture has the power to offer a sense of wonder and place.

1 informal CPD point on attendance of seminar

This talk is made possible through collaboration with the Ngv as part of Melbourne Design Week.

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’18 innovation Walk’, at Monash University, Clayton campus.

Design team: Kosloff Architecture + Callum Morton + MAP + Rush Wright Associates; 
Image Credit: Derek Swalwell


Kosloff Architecture

Kosloff Architecture has grown in less than 2 years from its inception to become a practice of 12, with a broad portfolio of work encompassing education, commercial, civic and community projects. Founding Directors Julian Kosloff and Stephanie Bullock believe that the design of an architectural practice should be as carefully considered as the design of a project, requiring the development of a clear conceptual framework, which can then guide every aspect of practice ranging from business development strategy, HR policy, premises, through to ownership structures and succession planning. As well as providing a framework for key decisions and managing growth, this also creates a clear alignment between the drivers for both project and non-project work within the practice.
Join us as they discuss the conceptual framework upon which the practice has been built and elaborate on how this has sustained the rapid growth of the practice, as well as how it has then manifested in the design of specific projects.

The core values of our practice that make up this framework will be elaborated on through specific examples including:

Collaboration: collaborating with artist Matt Hinkley on the initial branding guidelines and website, collaborating with artist Callum Morton on 18 Innovation Walk at Monash University.

Impact: establishment of the practice as a BCorp (certification for ethical and sustainable business) and working with an extended group of stakeholders to develop a masterplan for Eaglemont Tennis Club

Aspiration: trialing new methods of working using cloud-based platforms to enable us to run the practice from anywhere, with staff based in different countries, and testing new co-working arrangements through projects like B64 (Melbourne Airports), Bendigo and the design of our own office.
1 informal CPD point on attendance of seminar

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Livestream Seminars

Was there a recent Tas Chapter CPD seminar that you wanted to attend but missed? Good news, due to members’ requests the Tas Chapter has extended the availability of ALL of our livestream recordings and are now available on-demand.  After you register, the information packs and login details to view the recorded CPD seminar will be emailed to you.

Bushfire Responsive Architecture (on-demand): Book Now
Edition Office (on-demand): Book Now
Managing Construction Phase (on-demand): Book Now
Greenstar Future Focus (on-demand): Book Now
Condensation and Airtight Buildings – Part 2 (on-demand): Book Now
Introduction to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (on-demand) - Book Now
Passive House Masterclass - Window and Doors (on-demand) - Book Now
Scale, the 'natural rise' and urban form presented by Leigh Woolley (on-demand) – Book Now

CPD in Tasmania

In Tasmania, the Building Act 2000 requires accredited building practitioners to undertake CPD.

Accredited architects may undertake either the Accredited Building Practitioners' generic CPD scheme or the CPD program outlined in the joint AACA/Australian Institute of Architects Joint CPD Policy.

The Accredited Building Practitioners generic CPD program is available online.

For those seeking to undertake the Institute CPD program please read the AACA/Australian Institute of Architects Joint CPD Policy.

For more information about the Institute's CPD for architects, see the Continuing professional development page on this website.

Refuel Tasmania

In addition to hosting seminars and National Seminar Series events, the Tasmania Chapter offers a range of seminars and CPD opportunities including:

  • Interstate Speaker Series
  • Local Speaker Series
  • ArchiTECH
  • Pics in the Pub

The Interstate and Local Speaker Series presents exceptional and inspiring architects from Tasmania and interstate for talks in Hobart and Launceston.

ArchiTECH provides architects with detailed technical advice on building products.

Pics in the Pub is held in a local waterfront pub and brings together the local architectural community to talk about their own work and experiences.

Recording CPD

It is the individual’s responsibility to maintain their own CPD records. (For more information see About CPD.)

CPD events held by the Tasmanian Chapter since 2010 are listed below for your reference.

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