City of Perth Library - Kerry Hill Architects

City of Perth Library,
Kerry Hill Architects, Photo: Angus Martin

Western Australian Council & committees

This page has information on the WA Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows. For information on council or committee business, please contact the WA Chapter office.

Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the Institute's business in WA. The Chapter President is the National Councillor elected by the WA members.


                               President's Wrap-Up: April 2019

    The ongoing stoush between the design and construction contractor and the State Government over escalating claims and counterclaims concerning the New Children’s Hospital highlights the inherent fallacy that novated Design Construct contracts automatically reduces the risk to clients in terms of cost and time blow outs.

Design and Construct procurement has long been the preferred procurement method for major state facilities - think New Children’s Hospital, Optus Stadium and the new Perth Museum. The theory goes that having a Contractor in charge of the process equates to tight cost control, and that consultants are directed to the “cost-effective” design outcome from the outset.

There are a few obvious flaws to this thinking.

Firstly, Design and Construct procurement has become short hand for saying. Let’s get this project started before we have really understood and defined the project scope. How many times have we been urged by clients to meet deadlines we know are unrealistic, only for some other factor to immerge that causes the project to be delayed.

Secondly - the idea that Contractors know the best design and program solution is problematic.  There is an inherent conflict of interest that has a novated consultant team working for the Contractor rather than the client  the Contractor has an obligation to their shareholders to maximise profit; and the independent Consultants have an obligation to their client to deliver the best quality, best designed and fit for purpose facility they can.

And lastly, Design and Construct Procurement contracts inevitably throw up commercial confidentiality issues,  reducing transparency and hiding responsibility for decisions. This was a key finding of the Langoulant Report into project procurement during the term of the last State Government. Because of these procurement arrangements, we will never really know how much Optus Stadium cost the state, just as we may never see the alternative designs for the new Perth Museum.

Nationally, the Institute is pursuing this issue through government. The Opal Tower fiasco has focused this issue in a very tangible way and procurement is at the centre of this discussion. The Institute has just produced a Procurement Guideline that we will start promoting through all levels of government, and that will be applicable to all projects.

On a sadder subject, we all watched in horror as we saw flames engulf the gothic masterpiece of Notre Dame in Paris. To this day, these buildings remain unsurpassed in terms of their endeavour and achievement - they were simply the apogee of human achievement of their time.

But how marvellous is it that the importance of this architecture is so recognised, and that this building will be rebuilt and restored to its previous glory.

Peter Hobbs FRAIA

Chapter President

Peter Hobbs RAIA

Chapter Council members

Suzanne Hunt FRAIA 

David Hillam RAIA

Sally Matthews RAIA

Beata Davey RAIA

Sandy Anghie RAIA

Clancy White RAIA

Tanya Jones RAIA

Louise Johnston RAIA

Rebekah Stuber RAIA

Sam Klopper RAIA


Kathryn Neale UWA

Julian Kissling Curtin


Reinette Roux RAIA

Ashliegh Taylor RAIA


Kathryn Neale UWA
Julian Kissling Curtin

Committees & forums

In addition to the Chapter Council, there are the following associated committees and forums. For more information about these, contact

Senior Counsellors

These senior counsellors provide advice to architects and the public.

Paul Wellington FRAIA
ph: 08 9388 3403

Rod Mollett LFRAIA
ph: 0407 741 411

Carolyn Marshall FRAIA
ph: 0402 277 213

Patrick Pinder LFRAIA
ph: 08 9368 1791

Michael Croudace LFRAIA
ph: 08 9384 4576

Tony De Leo LFRAIA
ph: 0410 016 401

John Flower OAM FRAIA
ph: 08 9386 6967

George Sheldon FRAIA
ph: 08 9386 3763


    Education Committee

    Chair: Dean Wood RAIA
    Terms of reference 

    Practice Committee

    Chair: David Hillam RAIA
    Terms of reference

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) Committee

    Chair:  Vera Tacheva RAIA 
    Terms of reference

    Heritage Committee

    Chair: Debrorah Binet RAIA
    Terms of reference


    Chair: Amanda Hendry RAIA

    Urban Design Forum

    Chair: Peter Hobbs RAIA

    Access Committee

    Chair: Todd Paterson RAIA

    Sustainable Forum

    Chair: Carolyn Marshall FRAIA

    Honours Committee

    Chair: Rod Mollet LFRAIA

    Want to join the Institute’s WA Practice Committee?

    As part of the WA Chapter’s committee renewal process, Practice has several positions available for Institute members. The committee meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 4.30pm. 
    Working in accordance with the Institute’s 2018-2020 Strategy and adopted policies, the objectives of the Practice Committee are to:
    1. continually improve the standard of professional practice maintained by Institute members in WA;
    2. promote the fair and equitable engagement of architects in the design and delivery of WA’s  built
    environment; and
    3. facilitate discussion and action on regulatory matters concerning WA’s built environment.

    The Strategic Plan is available here
    The Practice Committee terms of reference is available here

    How to apply
    Expressions of interests are now open. If you are interested, simply:
    1. Send an email outlining in dot points why you would be a valuable member of the WA Practice Committee and what experience you would bring;
    2. Attach your CV or a link to your CV if available online;
    3. Submit your application by email to

    Closing date for the EOI is Thursday 3 May 2018

    Online nomination & voting

    At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

    • Chapter Council
    • Chapter President
    • Nationally Elected Council Members
    • International Area Committee Members

    Only eligible members may participate.

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