Marrickville Courtyard House by David Boyle Architect

Marrickville Courtyard House, David Boyle Architect
Photo: Brett Boardman

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New South Wales Council & committees

This page has information on NSW Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows. For information on council or committee business, please contact the NSW Chapter office.

NSW Chapter Council

The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the Institute's business in NSW. The Chapter President is the National Councillor elected by the NSW members.

Chapter President  Kathlyn Loseby
Chapter Vice President Laura Cockburn
Immediate Past President  Andrew Nimmo

Chapter Council members
Andrew Nimmo / Michael Moroney / Callantha Brigham / David Tickle / Elizabeth Carpenter / Eva-Marie Prineas / Jenna Rowe / Liz Westgarth / Duncan Sanby / Sam Crawford / Chloe Rayfield (EmAGN Rep) / Hannah Slater (EmAGN Rep)  

Student Chapter Council members
Estefano Bonfantet (SONA USyd) / Brandon Pais (SONA UTS) / Sahibajt Kaur (SONA Newcastle) / Tonia Yau (SONA UNSW)

NSW Country Division Committee

Chair Cameron Anderson 

Country Division Committee members 

Oliver Gee / Noel Thomson / Virginia Wong See / Nicholas Brown / Tim Lee / Tricia Helyar / Stephen Johansson

Newcastle Division Committee

Chair Jason Elsley

Newcastle Division Committee members
Garry Jones / Rebecca Plumsted / Shane Smede / Prudence Bowe / Jodie Dixon / Warren Haasnoot / Stuart Campbell / Phoebe Glanville / Justin Hamilton / Rebecca McLaughlin

Awards & Honours Committee

Awards & Honours Committee members
Andrew Nimmo (Chair) / Elizabeth Westgarth / Joseph O'Meara / Jason Elsley / Jamileh Jahangiri / Oliver Gee

The purpose of the Awards & Honours Committee is to promote the design and professional excellence of Institute members through the chapter’s awards and prizes programs, and individual nominations. Its objectives are to: 

  1. Promote the design and professional excellence of members, both to the membership and the wider public
  2. Ensure that criteria and processes related to the chapter’s awards and prizes are appropriate, relevant and maintain the highest levels of integrity
  3. Recommend and nominate to Chapter Council members for Institute and public honours

Link to Awards & Honours Committee - Terms of Reference

Built Environment Committee

Built Environment Committee members
Paul Walter (Chair) / Liz Westgarth / Gabrielle Morrish / Paul Berkemeier / Philip Graus / David Chesterman / Sophie Solomon / Valerie Giammarco / Tahnee Ironside / Adam Russell / Peter Smith / Julie Lee / Diana Griffiths / Gareth Collins / Haris Moraitis

The Built Environment Committee exists to inform and support the Chapter’s representation on issues related to the development of government policy and legislation, major projects, and the affairs of the building and construction industry so that the Institute is a relevant and respected contributor in the public sphere. Its objectives are to:

  1. Inform the public debate by preparing and promoting chapter positions on the built environment, planning and urban design, supported by strong and clearly articulated Institute policy
  2. Facilitate contact between the Institute, relevant professions and kindred organisations that share an interest in design quality and the built environment
  3. Promote the engagement of architects in the design and delivery of NSW’s built environment

Link to Built Environment Committee - Terms of Reference

CPD Committee

CPD Committee members
Steve Pearse (Chair) / Howard Smith / Tony Kemeny / Arturo Camacho / Jayne Harrison / Garry Jones / Mahalath Halperin / Agi Sterling/ Duncan Sanby

The CPD Committee’s purpose is to inform, support and promote the chapter’s CPD program in order to provide members with the highest quality content to assist their ongoing professional development. It’s objectives are to:

  1. Inform the design and content of the CPD program through the engagement of best as well as innovative practice
  2. Support the professional development of members through a CPD program that responds to current as well as anticipates future domains of professional architectural practice
  3. Promote engagement by members of all stages and interests, practice sizes, as well as geographic location, so that they can operate at the forefront of the profession with the latest insights into architectural practice

Link to CPD Committee - Terms of Reference

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee members

Kerwin Datu (Chair) / Melika Aljukic / Jason Dibbs / Elise Honeyman / Sarah Lawlor / David Tickle / David Welsh

The Editorial Committee ensures that the content and editorial direction of Architecture Bulletin informs, supports and promotes the Chapter’s advocacy agenda. Its objectives are to:

  1. Inform the Chapter’s public message as part of a coordinated advocacy strategy, demonstrating excellence in the how and why of architecture
  2. Provide an ongoing platform for members to contribute to architectural discourse and the public record of the work of the NSW Chapter
  3. Enhance the profile of the Institute, through its members, as an intelligent and valued contributor to matters affecting both the architecture profession as well as our shared built environment

Link to Editorial Committee - Terms of Reference

Education & Research Committee

Education & Research Committee members
Chris Smith (co Chair) USYD / Monica Edwards (co Chair) / Qianyi Lim / Jon King / Katarzyna Podrygajlo / Sarah Lawlor / Estefano Bonofante / Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh (UNSW)    /  Professor Francesca Hughes (UTS) / Professor Chris Knapp (WSU) / Dr Ross Anderson (USyd) / Martin Bryant

The purpose of the Education & Research Committee is to ensure the pre and post graduate education and training is relevant, accessible and of the highest standard. The focus of the Committee is twofold: on ensuring education and training meets the needs of practice, requirements of regulators and expectations of the broader community; and on enhancing the opportunities and outlook for the profession by promoting the role of architectural education and research in practice. Its objectives are to:

  1. Support a system of architectural education that produces graduates capable of realising the Institute’s Mission Statement:  To support and empower members to make the world a better place through architecture.
  2. Actively participate in the regulation of architectural education, with the aim of ensuring that education is relevant and responsive to the ambitions of the profession, locally and internationally.
  3. Support and facilitate initiatives that contribute to the life-long learning of members and prospective members
  4. Support and encourage research in architecture, and its integration into the chapter’s advocacy agenda
  5. Promote the profession of architecture and the profile of the Institute through education and/or research programs.

Link to Education & Research Committee - Terms of Reference

EmAGN NSW Committee

EmAGN Committee members
Ben Coulston / Casey Bryant / Chloe Rayfield / Gemma Savio / Hannah Slater / Joseph O'Meara / Ksenia Totoeva / Phuong Le / Samuel Butler / Steani Cilliers

EmAGN NSW is the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter of Emerging Architects and Graduates Committee. It was established in 2005 to enable and encourage young architects to contribute to the profession. We hold frequent educational and networking events for the emerging demographic. EmAGN NSW was formerly known as 'DARCH'.

Visit the EmAGN NSW website or contact Hannah Slater at for further information.

Heritage Committee

Heritage Committee members
Jennifer Preston (Chair) / Glenn Harper / Robert Moore / Louise Cox / Noel Thomson / Melika Aljukic / Michael Morony

The Heritage Committee exists to inform, support and promote the Chapter’s representation on matters related to our architectural heritage so that the Institute is a relevant and respected contributor in the public sphere. Its goals are to:

  1. Promote the appreciation, identification, protection and appropriate adaptation of architectural heritage
  2. Raise the profile of the Institute as a lead authority on matters of architectural heritage
  3. Support the maintenance of the Chapter’s Register of Significant Buildings
  4. Assist in defining, expanding and promoting the chapter’s architectural collection
  5. Facilitate relationships between the Institute, heritage authorities, related heritage professions and other heritage organisations

Link to Heritage Committee - Terms of Reference

Practice Committee

Practice Committee members
Carolyn Mitchell (Chair) / Elizabeth Carpenter / Angus Kell / Lilian Krasnowski / Casey Bryant

The Practice Committee promotes and continually improves the standards of practice and service provided by Institute members, and the circumstances under which they are engaged. It aims to:

  1. Continually improve the standard of professional practice maintained by Institute members in NSW
  2. Promote the fair and equitable engagement of architects in the design and delivery of NSW’s built environment
  3. Facilitate discussion and action on regulatory matters concerning NSW’s built environment

Link to Practice Committee - Terms of Reference

NSW Chapter Presidents 1871–present

2017 – 2019

Andrew Nimmo



2015 – 2017

Shaun Carter



2013 – 2015

Joe Agius

1948 – 1950

Adrian Ashton

2011 – 2013

Matthew Pullinger

1946 – 1948

F W Turner

2009 – 2011

Brian Zulaikha

1944 – 1946

P J Cordon

2005 – 2009

Dr Deborah Dearing

1942 – 1944

Cobden Parkes

2002 – 2005

Caroline Pidcock

1940 – 1942

S G Thorp

2001 – 2002

Richard Francis Jones

1938 – 1940

W R Richardson

1999 – 2001

Graham Jahn

1936 – 1938

Leith C McCredie

1997 – 1999

David Brown

1934 – 1936

A W Anderson

1995 – 1997

Mark Jones


NSW Chapter RAIA formed

1994 – 1995

John Bilmon

1933 – 1934

Prof Leslie Wilkinson

1993 – 1994

Ken Maher

1932 – 1933

E A Scott

1992 – 1993

John Richardson

1931 – 1932

H E Budden

1990 – 1992

Richard Dinham

1929 – 1930

James Peddle

1988 – 1990

Louise Cox

1926 – 1929

Prof A S Hook

1986 – 1988

Lawrence Nield

1923 – 1926

Sir Charles Rosenthal

1984 – 1986

Kevin Rice

1921 – 1923

G H Godsell

1982 – 1984

Chris Johnson

1920 – 1921

G Sydney Jones

1980 – 1982

Martyn D Chapman

1919 – 1920

Arthur F Pritchard

1978 – 1980

David Jackson


Charles A Slatyer

1976 – 1978

Prof E C Daniels

1916 – 1919

Arthur F Pritchard

1974 – 1976

J A Fisher

1914 – 1916

A W Anderson

1972 – 1974

G L Lumsdane

1912 – 1914

G Sydney Jones

1970 – 1972

H B Mortlock

1910 – 1911

G B Robertson

1968 – 1970

Prof R N Johnson

1906 – 1908

Harry C Kent

1966 – 1968

N A W Ashton

1904 – 1906

Cyril Blacket

1964 - 1966

R A Gilling

1902 – 1904

G Allen Mansfield

1962 – 1964

C J Farrington

1897 – 1902

John B Barlow

1960 – 1962

A H A Hanson

1895 – 1897

Thomas Rowe

1958 – 1960

M E Collard

1890 – 1895

J Horbury Hunt

1956 – 1958

Prof H I Ashworth


Institute Inc.

1954 – 1956

G L Moline

1889 – 1890

J Horbury Hunt

1952 – 1954

Eric W Andrew

1876 - 1889

Thomas Rowe

1950 – 1952

A E Stafford

1871 - 1876

G Allen Mansfield