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The National Committee for Gender Equity (NCGE) has been tasked with bringing the 10 Principles outlined in the Institute’s Gender Equity Policy to life. 

The Committee’s membership intentionally represents almost every chapter, with a mix of men and women from small, medium and large practices as well as academia. This mix has enabled the NCGE to position itself as a unified voice from a diverse background.

After four years of sustained work towards a more equitable profession, the NCGE has had impact both within and outside the Institute. The committee continues to work towards a diverse, equitable and thriving profession.

The National Committee for Gender Equity (NCGE) was established by the National Council in December 2013 to implement the Institute’s Gender Equity Policy and to recommend actions, initiatives and programs required to give practical effect to that policy.

The gender equity policy aims to establish a set of policy principles to ensure the Institute and its members are aligned in valuing and exhibiting principles of fairness and equity, which lead to the provision of equal opportunities, rights and benefits to all men and women engaged within the architectural profession, and to eliminate gender-based impacts on the participation and progression of women within the profession.

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Gender Equity Policy

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Committee Members

Articles and Media

Overview of Activities

Paula Whitman-Leadership in Gender Equity Prize

Parental Leave - Special Circumstances Membership


Committee Members

The National Committee for Gender Equity consists of:

Name Practice State
Anne Clisby - Co-Chair Denton Corker Marshall VIC
Melonie Bayl-Smith - Co-Chair Bijl Architecture NSW
Gill Matthewson Monash University VIC
Sophie Bence Bence Mulcahy TAS
Tiffany Molloy BSPN Architecture QLD
Jenna Holder GDH Woodhead SA
Kylie-JoAnn Hughes Consultant ACT
Monica Edwards SJB NSW
Ben Shields Dreamer VIC
Ashliegh Taylor GHD Woodhead WA


Articles and Media

The NCGE is has been profiling Women In Architecture.  Please visit News and Media to view the series.

Articles and reports by the NCGE:

Melonie Bayl-Smith interview with Gill Matthewson

Kellie McGivern interviews newest member Melonie Bayl-Smith on the influences of her career

Progress Report for 2018 - Michael Gay

Importance claiming recognition - Melonie Bayl-Smith

Recruitment: Honestly, transparently…apparently - Michael Gay

Creativity and Humanity: The Benefits of Part Time Employment - Madeline Sewall

2017 NCGE Update - Michael Smith

The Merits of Mentoring - Michael Smith

Leadership - Emma Williamson

Meet the 2016 Gender Equity Committee - Lee Hillam

EOFY Resolutions: Fair and Equitable Pay for all - Leone Lorrimer

Women in Architecture:  BKA Architecture - Lee Hillam

Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize - Article by Parlour

Mentors Preparing for Practice - Michael Smith and Sonia Sarangi

Multiplying Diversity - Gill Matthewson

'You must be fierce' - Lee Hillam

Speak up, women! - Gill Matthewson

GET-ting on with it! - Lee Hillam

Vale Zaha Hadid, 1950 - 2016 - Gill Matthewson

Mind the Gap - Gill Matthewson

Shock horror statistics - Gill Matthewson

Parental Leave Membership with Australian Institute of Architects - NCGE

The Parlour effect - Gill Matthewson

Same words different mouth - Gill Matthewson

Parlour and NCGE - Emma Williamson

NCGE - Article for Parlour by NCGE

The business case for gender equity - Michael Smith

Who counts? - Gill Matthewson

Meet Emma Williamson - Emma Williamson (Deputy Chair of NCGE, Former Chair of NCGE)

The equity interviews: Ross Clark - Michael Smith

The equity interviews: Paul Berkemier - Michael Smith

The equity interview:  David Parken - Michael Smith

The equity interview: David Karotkin - Michael Smith

Architecture and the Goldilocks syndrome - Gill Matthewson

Updating the numbers, part 1: at school -Gill Matthewson

Updating the numbers, part 2: at work - Gill Matthewson

Counting registered architects: no easy matter - Gill Matthewson

Angie the architect meets Rosie the riveter - Gill Matthewson

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Taking it to the limit: women as architectural breach - Gill Matthewson

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Women, leadership and democracy - Gill Matthewson

Architect, Barbie and Vitruvius - Gill Matthewson

Studying gender and the profession - Gill Matthewson

Overview of Activities

In May 2015 the NCGE co-hosted its first event alongside Parlour. This event was held in Melbourne at the time of the National Architecture Conference and launched the relationship between Parlour and the Institute. The event was a sell out and Emma Williamson, former NCGE Chair, gave an excellent introduction to the work of the committee and the Institute’s commitment to achieving gender equity in architecture. Ann Lau presented as a guest speaker at the event.

Coinciding with the second NCGE face-to-face meeting in October, the committee’s inaugural CPD event took place, which was developed in collaboration with the VIC Chapter. ‘How to Flex: Creating Flexible Practice for All’ looked at how flexible working arrangements are essential to achieving gender equity in the workplace and how workplace equity applies to a broad range of people, situations and contexts.

Speakers included:

  • Misty Waters, Associate at Bespoke Careers; specialising in recruiting Architects and Designers
  • Lee Hillam, Director at Dunn & Hillam Architects;
  • Patrick Kennedy, Director, Kennedy Nolan Architects; and
  • Leone Lorrimer, CEO of dwp|suters.

The presentations were well considered and thought provoking, and the audience very engaged. The event was also recorded and has been made available on Continuum as a downloadable CPD resource.

Work is currently being progressed on a number of other projects including:

  • The development of a prize to recognise exceptional leadership and an outstanding contribution to the advancement of gender equity in architectural practice, education and governance. This prize has now been endorsed by National Council and the next stage of planning is underway.
  • A campaign to profile women in architecture is currently being rolled out via monthly segments in the Institute’s E-News.
  • Due to the success of the 2015 co-hosted NCGE and Parlour event at the National Conference in Melbourne, a fringe event for the 2016 Conference in Adelaide was held titled Women Transforming the City Part 2.  


Paula Whitman - Leadership in Gender Equity Prize

The Australian Institute of Architects are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural Paula Whitman Leadership in Gender Equity Prize. The Prize aims to recognise exceptional leadership and an outstanding contribution to the advancement of gender equity in architectural practice, education and governance.

Please see the Prize page for more information.


Parental Leave - Special Circumstances Membership

In order to more effectively recognise the diversity of membership, and particularly to facilitate more appropriate career pathways for women in architecture, the Australian Institute of Architects offers special provisions for members who are unable to participate fully in employment, due to being on parental leave from their normal employment.

These members are entitled to all the normal benefits of membership and to a discounted annual fee, which is set at a 75 percent reduced rate of the normal fee for a (non-A+) Level 1 member ($265 as opposed to $1060, a saving of $795 based on 2018 fee rates).

The Parental Leave subscription rate applies to:
• Existing members, but no prior membership period applies;
• Members who do not work more than 20 hours per week because they are the primary carer of one or more children aged 5 or under.

The special subscription rate applies for a period of 2 years from the time the application is approved. Eligible members must reapply for the Parental Leave rate at not more than 2-yearly intervals.  Evidence of eligibility must be provided before eligibility can be approved.

Simply email the membership team at the Institute to discuss your options - membership@architecture.com.au



Should you wish to make contact with the National Committee on Gender Equity or raise any gender equity related issues, concerns or comments, please email Daniela Crawley on daniela.crawley@architecture.com.au