The State Buildings - Architect: Kerry Hill Architects, Heritage Architect: Palassis Architects

The State Buildings,
Architect: Kerry Hill Architects, Heritage Architect: Palassis Architects, Photo: Angus Martin

Western Australian architecture

Western Australian architect biographies

The Heritage Committee of the Australian Institute of Architects (WA) is compiling biographical details of former architects of Western Australia. Copyright to each biography is retained by the author, and any correspondence or submissions should be addressed to the Heritage Committee by email at The project is ongoing – please check back regularly for further updates.

Further to the list below, it is possible to visit the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) online edition to browse other Australian architect biographies under the 'architect' link.

Western Australian register of significant 20th century architecture

Non-residential buildings

The following list does not indicate that the buildings are WA's most significant, rather that they are excellent examples of their type and that citation documentation has been produced by the WA Heritage Committee. The committee is seeking to resource and develop a more comprehensive register in the coming years as 20th century WA architecture is properly documented and understood.